mon photographe préféré...

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Parce qu'il y a un tel goût d'enfance dans ses images...

Ici un avant goût en deux clins d'oeil,

et sur son site, tout un univers à découvrir.

Jan Von Holleben...

Les petits monstres, dernière série de sa trilogie

Son mail... Pour donner une idée du personnage...


After some weeks of exhibiting mutants in NYC, running through the Great Wild West and then constructing kosmic books with Steidl in LA, I am back on track in Berlin again.
Having swapped horse for spaceship and with loads of new images on board, the crew is prepared for the cold Russian winter, blowing soon accross the North of Germania! <>

Mystery of Monsters <> , the latest telling of my triology (after Dreams of Flying and Journey to Everywhere) is online.

Loads of new and special goodies
in the Webshop <> too.

Postcards, Buttons, T-Shirts, Books, ... (I know.. 'feels like I'd opened a shop.. but NO..its just the stuff other people do and I just get a few items to distribute through my website - I am totally innocent and just playing a bit of salesman and CHRISTMAS is coming UP!!!!!) :-)

So yes.. now its soon to be winter and I shall stick to gingerbread and hot chocolate and grow an even bigger belly!
Still hopefull for a global second summer in November!
All the best to you and a happy season!!
HO HO HO (I know it is a bit early... but the temperatures feel like it!)

Yours, sincerly,

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